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It all began on a train platform in Frankfurt! Three months later, we opened on June 30, 2018. In five years, we have won 2 prestigious awards and survived no tourists during the pandemic.


Initially the tour company started as a labour of love to motivate Brian to get out of bed in the morning. Brian had the idea and called Jess from a train platform in Germany. It was never meant to be an actual business. Brian worked in China and typically went to bed at 4am each day. Walk The YYC was his version of getting up and going to the gym immediately. Only instead of mindlessly working out, Brian got to talk to interesting people, as well as working out his mind and body for 3 hours. Brian's tours became a hit and in the summer of 2019, he had to take a step back to run the company. We hired 5 tour guides to guide the 15 tours a week we were running. Unfortunately, a year later the pandemic levelled tourism in Calgary and we were forced to close for a period. Today, we have went back to our core of Brian and Jess as our guides, and are focussing on positive, engaging stories.

Meet The Team


Brian Robertson

The Founder & Lead Storyteller

50 Countries Visited

Depressed Leafs Fan


Jess Snelgrove

Tour Guide

38 Countries Visited

Video Game Enthusiast


Emily Robertson

The Bookkeeper & Designer

51 Countries Visited


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