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Haunted Cowtown

Calgary's only free ghost tour

Meet us in Inglewood for Calgary's only free ghost tour, Haunted Cowtown. We will walk through the insanely haunted streets of Inglewood. For a city that's barely 100 years old, it seems to be a hotspot for spirits. Maybe that tells you how great Calgary is, no one ever leaves it apparently...

Calgary has some pretty remarkable tales of close encounters of the dead kind. We will visit the sites and recount them. Some of them are your traditional ghost in the window stories, but some of them are so much more! We will discuss a sweet story of people playing with a ghost, and a funny tale of a friendly music loving ghost who scolds someone if they make a mistake playing. Calgary truly runs and gambit when it comes to spirits. There's even a mischievous ghost monkey!



Deane House, Rouge, Zoo Bridge, and more!



It's Calgary and it does get cold at night, even in the summer. So dress appropriately!

This tour is 1.5 hours of solid walking. We recommend you bring comfortable shoes and water. There are no stops on this tour, so please make sure to use the washroom prior to it starting.

Reserve your spot now!

Reservations are not necessary. Walk-ups are welcome. However, our guides are busy and we do not want to waste their time. Therefore, tours do require 2 reservations 12 hours prior to the tour for it to commence. We recommend strongly that you make a reservation. Reservations also allow us to put on more guides if the demand requires it so we can keep tour group sizes smaller.


8pm - Deane House

Please meet your guide behind Deane by the white log cabins.


Deane House - 806 9 Ave SE


Saturday @ 8pm

Rain or Shine

Hot or Cold

Excluding Christmas Day & Easter Sunday

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